YouTube releases feature that improves interaction between mobile and TV

When watching videos and broadcasts, the platform will allow the user to interact with both devices at the same time.

YouTube announced on its official blog that it will increase the interaction between television and mobile. Users will be able to connect to both peripherals simultaneously in a synchronized experience. While the video is on TV, this new feature will enable features such as comments and super chat on the mobile device.

YouTube releases feature that improves interaction between mobile and TV

It is common to sit in front of the TV to watch a video on YouTube, while the cell phone is in our hands. When I want to follow a friend's live, for example, I like to participate in the chat leaving funny comments.

But to do that, I need to connect to the stream on both devices, pause the video on mobile, and use the chat space.

Fortunately, YouTube has just released a new feature that makes this whole process easier.

Now, there is the option to sync the devices with a simple tap to enjoy the platform. Here's how it works: when accessing the same YouTube account from TV and mobile, a “Connect” button will instantly appear on the phone's screen. By tapping on it, the connection will start and the controls can be used at will.

As a result, the smartphone will become a type of control, allowing for comments, reading descriptions, sharing, likes, and so on. All of this will take place during the television video.

More news is in development

In the same blog post, YouTube says its teams are working on more ways to increase device-to-device interaction. There is nothing confirmed yet, but improvements to the page design, new features and ways to purchase products during the videos are items planned by the company.

It is true that it even took a while for this interaction to emerge, as the TV app was launched 12 years ago. Also, according to a survey by The Nielsen Audience Report, more than 80% of people watch television with their cell phone in hand.

That is, while it is a welcome update, the truth is that it was long overdue.

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