The Boys: What is the series' Herogasm like?

Long-awaited event happened in the sixth episode of the third season

Eagerly awaited by The Boys fans, Herogasm has finally gone live. It was shown in the sixth episode of the third season to the joy or horror of the audience.

homelander in comics and tv show series the boys

What is Herogasm?

In the comics, Herogasm is the name of an annual event promoted by Vought to give their supers a vacation. Pretending that they are going to participate in a great battle in space, as happens constantly in the Marvel and DC universes, they hide on a secret island where they can sink into sex and drugs without worrying about the public – you can check details by clicking here.

In the series, things happen in a different way. To know what Herogasm is like in the production of Amazon Prime Video, just keep reading the text.

[exclamation]From here, spoilers for the sixth chapter of season three of The Boys

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Just like in the comics, Herogasm is an annual event. However, instead of being promoted by Vought to give rest to the supers, the bacchanal is an independent party organized by the powerful themselves.

The chapter reveals that in the universe of the series, the tradition began in 1952 with the Soldier Boy, a character played by Jensen Ackles. He brags about having created the little party, where he even made out with Liberty – super that a while later adopted the name Stormfront.

It turns out that not even the hero's supposed death put an end to the party, which kept rolling until it reached the 70th edition in 2022. Who kept the celebration alive were the TNT Twins (Jack Doolan and Kristin Booth), who worked with the super on the Revanche team. .

It is in the duo's house that debauchery comes loose. The sexual part of the episode begins with the beefy Love Shaggy member (Andrew Jackson) welcoming guests at the door, a harbinger of things to come.

Although the production is less graphic than the comics and does not focus exclusively on any sex – even because there are limits to what a non-pornographic production could show –, it is possible to see supers using their powers and costumes in the most varied adventures.

Some of the main situations include a super jet of sperm that Mother's Milk (Laz Alonso) receives when he opens a door, as well as an octopus doing sexual favors for the Deep (Chace Crawford). In addition, you can see flying dildos, flaming penises, hidden cameras in the bathroom and even the Termite (Brett Geddes) returning to use his shrinking powers to pleasure another super.

mother's milk in herogasm
Mother's Milk on Herogasm

The big difference is in the fact that, in the series, the participation of the group of Billy Butcher (Karl Urban) is more effective. While in the comics the team participates in an almost spy mission, in the production of Prime Video they take part in the action.

In addition to Butcher himself taking a beating against the Homeland (Antony Starr), Mother's milk had the chance to confront Soldier Boy, the man who murdered his family when he was young. Even Hughie (Jack Quaid) was present at the orgy, where he was able to clash with A-Train (Jessie T. Usher) for killing his girlfriend and finally helping Starlight (Erin Moriarty).

Another big difference is that the series' Herogasm had a tragic ending. The party comes to an end when Soldier Boy freaks out when he hears a song he played in his endless torture sessions in Russia and kills most of those present.

It is worth noting that the scuffle of the comics also has deaths, both of supers and of innocents – such as the crew of a plane shot down by Homeland –, but none of the fatalities puts an end to the party.

Homelander in the series and comics Herogasm
Homelander in the series and comics Herogasm

The Boys Cast Talks About Herogasm Challenges: "We've Go Too Far"

The Boys gets new episodes every Friday on Amazon Prime Video. The third season will have eight episodes and the series has already been renewed for a fourth year.

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