The Boys return with even more brutality.

The Boys season 3 review.

The first three episodes of the new season arrive on Amazon Prime Video this Friday (3)

The Boys returns for a third season of appearances and brutality.

The Boys appeared quietly in 2019 and quickly became an amusing sensation in pop culture, providing a new viewpoint to the overcrowded superhero business. The plot was resumed in the second season in 2020, which received appreciation from reviewers and audiences alike. After a two-year wait, we finally have the contentious and long-awaited third season.

Sea of ​​Blood and Appearances

Everything in The Boys centers on appearances, and the start of the third season confirms this with style. After all, what else could Vought do in the aftermath of the Nazi Stormfront scandal? Of course, making money on top of it. All of the superheroes,  the Seven, are in damage-control mode, but not all are doing their best...

That is the case with Homelander, who is crazier than ever but has to keep himself in check in front of the cameras in favor of figures, algorithms, and vanities. From the first scene, it's clear that he's doing everything he can to avoid blowing up the universe, and Antony Starr's usual outstanding acting backs this up. Every move of the character demonstrates that he is not only cornered after the events of the second season but also genuinely enraged - a position that is never good for a person with Superman's abilities. Season 3 sees the fine line between appearance and reality become even thinner, and it doesn't take long for it to crumble, as an incriminating tape is nothing compared to Homeland's paranoid personality.

On the other side, a lot has also changed for “the boys”. Now, everyone has to live on appearances to try to help Hughie in his bureaucratic endeavor alongside Victoria Neuman, responsible for the main plot twist of the second season. However, we're talking about The Boys, and it doesn't take long for the masks to fall off and the shit kicks in – this time, more bloodthirsty than ever.

Billy Butcher, played by Karl Urban, is even more violent, and it doesn't take him long to vent his rage, even though he initially tries to follow Hughie's rules. The character becomes even scarier after gaining access to V-24, a drug that grants him superpowers for 24 hours. You can even root for him, but it's impossible not to see absurd parallels between him and Homelander. 

The moral divide between exacting vengeance on those who have wronged you and losing your hand has never been more visible than here. This new year, the actions and cruelties of the Seven's leader are impressive, but it's no exaggeration to say that Billy Butcher isn't far behind.

Billy Butcher from The Boys third season scene
The Boys: Season 3 Will Have Breathtaking Opening Scene, Says Producer

In fact, it's a slight softening on my part; after all, everything blows up in The Boys season three. The classic morbid humor returns with greater vigor, and some scenes can be paused to allow the audience to process the information. Severed heads, imploded limbs, and the burning of civilians is just the beginning. It is important to note that the graphic content is still quite heavy; however, if you are reading this text, you are most likely already accustomed to it.

Having said that, the level of distress in some scenes far exceeds what has been seen in previous episodes. One thing is certain: the first sequel of the new season sets the tone for the level of gore. I saw it a few days ago and I'm still reeling from what I saw. A bizarre combination of sensations, as proposed by the producers.

Art imitates life, and so on.

The third season of The Boys, like previous seasons, spares no effort in making a thinly veiled critique of American customs. Eric Kripke, the showrunner, uses well-known sarcastic and morbid humor to tighten the wound of American morals and refuses to shut up about absurdities, especially when dealing with topics such as the arms industry and media idolatry of problematic figures.

This is the case of Jensen Ackles' brilliantly played character Soldier Boy. He's the polar opposite of his hero, Captain America, and while he lives for appearances like everyone else, he's a pretty shady superhero behind the scenes, rivaling even Homeland in terms of scum. Misogyny typical of the 1950s is only the beginning for him. The character's addition is the great thread of the third season and is responsible for a journey in Vought's history - disturbing since always. Regarding Ackles, it's fantastic to see him in The Boys. The evil smile of the eternal Dean Winchester fit the character perfectly and added to the already stellar cast.

Poster of Jensen Ackles' brilliantly played character Soldier Boy
Jensen Ackles' played the character Soldier Boy

Every season of The Boys feels like the absurdity bar has been raised too high to continue. However, the new year arrives, bringing with it even more unexpected absurdities. It's comforting to know that the producers know what they're up against and which path to take on this cynical and deliciously malicious journey. Prepare to have your liver depilated by Billy Butcher and Homelander.

The third season of The Boys premieres this Friday (3), with the first three episodes. The rest will be added to the Amazon Prime Video catalog weekly, until July 8, the date of the season finale.

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