Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero gets hilarious teaser that plays with the cycle of absent parents

Gohan is obsessed with his studies, so Piccolo shows up to take care of Pan.

The video shows Piccolo receiving a package from Videl

Toei Animation Dragon Ball missing a new teaser for the Super Hero movie, the franchise's game cycle.

The video shows Piccolo receiving a package from Videl, who asks for a favor: the little school Pan.

He then asks what Gohan is doing to not help his own daughter in something like this. Videl explains that he is very busy and obsessed with his studies.

Proving to be a great babysitter once again, Piccolo eventually accepts the task. And he will even be rewarded with a stuffed animal by Videl and Gohan!

You can watch the original teaser (in Japanese) featured above.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, the 21st film in the franchise, will be released on June 11 in Japan. 

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