What Can We Expect from iOS 16?

What to Expect from iOS 16

What Can We Expect from iOS 16?

Each day closer, the reveal of iOS 16 will show what Apple envisions for the newest cycle of the company's device ecosystem - especially when it comes to the iPhone. With few rumors in circulation, the operating system remains absolutely secret, but some try to predict what Apple has in store for the future — and that is what Herowall will highlight in this article.

Unlike Android, Apple's annual 

s stand out for improvements in the systems themselves and in the brand's apps. With each annual update released by the company, the entire network of programs and services receives considerable enhancements, this also includes OSs from other iGadgets — iPadOS, tvOS, macOS, and watchOS.

iOS 16 release date

interface ios 16
Features recently added to FaceTime were announced in the iOS 15 bundle (Image: Apple)

For now, it is not possible to pin down an exact date for the release of iOS 16, but Apple is expected to present it at WWDC 2022, scheduled to start on June 6 this year. The event, as usual, should open with an extensive presentation with important news for the general public, including new functions for applications, more services, and, of course, operating systems on the way.

It should be around that date that Apple will also announce the trial period's start — first for developers and then for the curious. Any member of the Apple Beta Software Program with a compatible device will be able to try out the new features, albeit with bugs and inconsistencies.

What's New in iOS 16

new widgets

In January, it circulated on the web that Apple would be working on grouping widgets — internally known as "InfoShacks". This new functionality would allow you to put various accessories for the home screen in a kind of folder, adding another layer of customization and practicality.

To add to that, iOS 16 may also allow you to place shortcuts to Control Center functions right on the home screen. The addition would give one more way to trigger simple commands, such as volume up/down, turn on the flashlight, and have access to smart device controls, and the traditional tray.

visual adjustments

Like the other updates, the move to iOS 16 should also introduce visual changes – this time, however, very discreet. Bloomberg's Apple expert Mark Gurman is betting that the maker won't get very far in terms of design, despite the system having not received significant tweaks in generations.

One of the most important changes, in fact, would depend on an update in the construction of the device: the decrease in the notch. If the rumors that the display cutout is correct, the company will have even more screen space to display the status bar and can innovate accordingly.

New notification system

The Bloomberg reporter also believes the company will rework the notification system. He didn't extend the comment, nor did he specify the changes he expects to see in this specific area of iOS 16, but perhaps his prediction is correct.

Health app improvements

As MacRumors learned, Apple plans to release an updated version of the Health app, now with improved sleep monitoring and medication management. In addition, the platform can also receive special options for women's health care.

car accident detector

One of the safety mechanisms that Apple may be preparing is collision detection for car accidents. The mechanism would use the device's sensors to detect the accident and could automatically trigger nearby authorities.

Which iPhones will get iOS 16?

Iphone Ios
Recent iPhone models are practically guaranteed to be updated for the next few years (Image: Ivo Meneghel Jr/Canaltech)

Apple is known for giving long years of official support for the iPhone and iOS 16 should be no different. Tim Cook's company should keep up to date with releases from five years ago (and maybe even older).

A recent rumor shows that only the 2015 releases won't get iOS 16 — that includes iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, and the original iPhone SE. The same should happen on the iPad side, with the iPad mini 4, iPad Air 2 and iPad (fifth generation), and iPad Pro (2015) also left out of the update queue.

Therefore, the supposed list of iPhones compatible with iOS 16 would be as follows:

It remains to wait for details The iOS 15 trial period should go on for a few more months, but it is a fact that testers enrolled in the Apple Beta Software Program will be the first to try iOS 16. For now, details are still scarce, but as WWDC 2022 approaches, more preliminary information about the new system should be revealed.

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