China wants to switch from Windows to Linux on 50 million PCs!

After Germany, China now wants to turn down Windows and run Linux on 50 million computers!

If you've been following the Linux news closely, you've probably heard that Germany threw Windows in favor of Linux on more than 25,000 computers last year. At the time, the community predicted that several other countries could remove Windows for Linux. This prediction is accurate because China recently announced that it will remove Windows for Linux on more than 50 million computers!

While the ultimate goal of the two countries is the same, their reason for doing the same is different. This was done in Germany so that the government could save on licensing costs and improve the open-source. China did this to "remove foreign operating systems" so that they could keep the OS in the country. 

While this is a big win for Linux and open-source software, it is bad news for laptop / PC manufacturers such as Dell, HP, etc., and software companies such as Adobe and Microsoft. , with the exception of Lenovo and Kingsoft. As manufacturers are pushed around the corner to become "foreign" companies, domestic companies such as Lenovo, Huawei and Kingsoft may see rapid market growth in the coming years.

Bloomberg intelligence says.

Lenovo could dramatically boost sales on Beijing’s order that central government agencies and state-backed companies replace foreign-branded computers, as reported by Bloomberg News. This would amount to more than 50 million PCs over the next two years. The nation’s No. 1 PC maker relies on U.S. chips but has set up its own chip-making unit and invested in at least 15 semiconductor design firms.

Nathan Naidu, Bloomberg analyst. 

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